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Dance Curriculum Intent

The purpose of the Dance Curriculum is to ensure that students can perform, choreograph and critically appreciate the work of professional dance practitioners and their own work. Students are provided with the opportunity to perform in a variety of different styles, in order to develop their versatility as a performer. This will also support their knowledge and understanding of dance from different cultures.

Lessons are highly practical in order to provide students with maximum opportunity to develop their skills, whilst also supporting their general health, fitness and well-being.

Through their dance education, students will develop many transferable skills including: confidence, leadership, and the ability to self-manage and collaborate effectively with their peers. We aim to equip our students with the necessary skills and resilience to succeed in a career within the Performing Arts industry.  Dance has a wide range of physical and mental health benefits for students including: increased fitness levels, stronger bones and muscles and reduced stress levels.

The benefit of dance is not only that of increased exercise, but the participation in an art form, which is routed in technique, and giving the opportunity for a creative outlet.

The skills developed in dance can also be valuable, transferable skills that can be applied to any career path. The confidence gained through participation in dance helps to build social skills, increase self-esteem and the ability to communicate well within a group.

Through dance study, pupils learn about the body in action and how to train safely and effectively. They also learn about the different historical and social contexts surrounding dance as an art form.

2023-24 Curriculum Overview for Dance

This gives details for each year group of curriculum content, knowledge/understanding that will be revisited, and assessment for each half term across the academic year.