Catering Information

At Cockburn School we offer a wide range of freshly cooked, healthy foods. With the wide selection and variety of foods on offer we ensure there is something for everyone – even the fussiest of eaters! We constantly listen to our students to ensure we continue to deliver food that is appetising and in demand. On this page, you will learn more about what we have to offer and our ethical sourcing policy.

Our Catering Team feels strongly that the range of food on offer will not only appeal to all students but will be of the highest quality, nutritionally balanced and fresh. In addition, the team seeks to ensure that all dietary requirements are catered for. Allergy sufferers are closely monitored and regularly informed of the right foods for them. We also offer daily halal options.

Passionate about ensuring each student eats a healthy, balanced diet, our biometric tills enable us to monitor a student’s diet by keeping a record of each transaction made. This means we can monitor their purchases and keep you informed.

A free school meal allowance will buy a full cooked meal and a drink, but our pricing structure means that the students can choose from any combination of the following daily offerings:

Meal of the Day £2.86 including a drink or cookie or fresh fruit or yogurt

Salad Bar £2.30 or £2.86 including a drink or cookie or fresh fruit or yogurt

Pasta and Sauce £2.50 or £2.86 including a drink or cookie or fresh fruit or yogurt

Curry to Go £2.86 including a drink or cookie or fresh fruit or yogurt

Daily menus work on a five weekly rota basis. We only use seasonal vegetables and we work closely with our local suppliers to maintain seasonal freshness all year round.

Our salad bar contains continental mixed leaves, couscous, onions, peppers, cucumber, sweetcorn, cheese, tuna, chicken tikka, ham, turkey, beef, coleslaw and potato salad. As a self-service area it has proven to be very popular with the students.

Grab and Go station where the students can have plain pasta topped with a wide variety of tasty sauces. All the sauces are vitamin enriched and are very popular.

Marinated chicken or vegetables covered in a vitamin enriched curry sauce served with a naan bread and boiled rice.

Street Food £2.65 - £2.86 including a drink or cookie or fresh fruit or yogurt

Sandwich & Panini Prices range from £1.50 - £2.50

Grab and Go Prices range from £1.70 - £2.60

Drinks Prices range from 60p – 95p

Monday Assorted Homemade Individual Pizzas.
Tuesday Chefs Choice .
Wednesday Halal Spicy Chicken Burger with a Hash Brown.
Thursday Popcorn Chicken in a Wrap served with various sauces.

Cockburn School offer a range of hot paninis, cold sandwiches, baguettes. Our selection includes meat, vegetarian and halal options.

Options include 100% halal chicken strips, oven baked in a southern style coating and stone baked pizzas with hidden vegetable toppings. Fresh fruit and yogurt pots are available at all service points.

Our `Fizz’ range of drinks includes tropical, apple, citrus, fruits of the forest and peach flavours and all count as one of a student’s five-a-day. We also serve 100% orange and apple juice. Bottles of spring water, vitamin enriched milkshakes and fresh semi skimmed milk are also available every day.



Please see below our menu for the new Summer term, starting serving 15th April 2024.


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