School Council

The Cockburn School Council is a powerful body that is consulted on many aspects of our school and plays a vital role in our journey – ‘Transformation to Excellence’.

Smart School Council 2022-23

Aims of the School Council

The aim of the School council is to provide a forum for discussion for students about issues which affect their school life. It involves every student in our school and means that everyone can learn use their voice, knowing that it is listened to and demonstrates how democracy works.

Student Elections and Representation

In September of each year, each tutor group will elect two representatives, preferably one male and one female. Form tutors will oversee elections and pass on the name of representatives to the Director of Year/Head of Year. The chosen Tutor Group Representatives will form the Smart School Council Team. At the first meeting, roles will be assigned to each student as outlined in the Smart School Council PowerPoint. Once elected, School Council members will remain in office for one year. The Head Boy and Head Girl; Deputy Head Boy and Head Girl and Student Ambassadors will also be represented on the School Council.

Election of Officers

All members of the School Council will be eligible for nomination and election as an officer. Elections will take place at the first meeting of the year. Officers elected will be to the:

  • Communications Team
  • Action Team
  • Class Meetings Team
  • Communications Team Leader/s

Staff and Governor Representation

Meetings of the initial School Council year teams will be attended by the Assistant Director of Care, Support and Guidance. Other members of staff may be invited to attend individual meetings to assist with the discussion of specific action teams or year group communication’s teams.

Governors may also nominate a representative to attend meetings.

Key Objectives for This Year


Structures and Communications

Form representatives meet to ensure each year group has a Communication Team with a chairperson/s, Action Team group and Class Meeting group.

  • Half Term 1, Week 1- Election of Year councillors: 2 per form
  • Half Term 1, Week 3- Meeting of Year Teams
  • Half Term 1, Week 4- Class Meetings

Students with Responsibilities


Form Reps 2022-23

Year 7:
Yusuf Rahman 
Jack Johnson Robinson
Nicola Widerkiewicz 
Jak Blakeborough 
Daria Zevzikova 
Maysoun Almass
Jayci Hoggett
Chloe Ridge 
Callum Chapman 
Lilly Dunbar 
Ibrahim Ahmed 
Inayah Mehmooh  
Alfie Noble 
Aamina Qureshi  
Maddison Catton 
N’Aye Camara 
Jayden Francis 
Huzaifa Bilaal      
Akua Breyo 
Oumou Kaba 
Ali-Subhan Shamraiz 
Emily May Bell                              
Year 8:
Isabella Allison 
Alyssa McHale  
Tina Nawroly  
Joel Scopes  
Mikey Marsden (Eco Council)
Jonny Neill  (Head of Eco Council) 
Dylan Coleman 
Ashleigh Ridge  
Aadam Ahmed 
Mariyah Ahmed 
Lilarnie Holliday  
Samuel Wai 
Sebastion Wlodarczyk  
Umayyah Nadeem  
Blaise Egualeonan 
Evie Campbell  (Eco Council)
Mohammed Ali
Year 9:
Callum Stirling 
Shekinah Kidiadi
Labeeb Hussain 
Rhys Plowman 
Evie Fletcher  
Rumaysa Bilaal 
Polina Karauskaite 
Sophia Bashir 
Nathan Legre 
Brianna Holliday 
Year 10:
Natalia Hlavacek 
Amelia Maculewicz 
Harry Sefton 
Daniel Bradshaw 
Alice Birley 
Alieu Jallow  
Lucas Hufton 
Gradi Mampala 

Year 11:


There is a budget for School Council to be confirmed by the Executive Headteacher

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