Post 16 Provision - Elliot Hudson College

Cockburn School is a partner school of The Gorse Academies Trust and is proud to recommend Elliott Hudson College to our students wishing to study A-Level qualifications in Year 12 and Year 13.

Elliot hudson

The admissions policy of Elliott Hudson College shows that students applying for a place at the college will be prioritised using the following categories:

Category One

Students studying within The GORSE Academies Trust (The Morley Academy, The Farnley Academy and Bruntcliffe Academy)

Category Two

Students studying at one of Elliott Hudson College’s partner schools -  Cockburn School is one of these.

Category Three

All other applicants


Elliott Hudson College is part of the nationally renowned The GORSE Academies Trust and is therefore able to offer you an all-round outstanding experience.  High quality and personalised advice and guidance will help you to make the right subject choices for A Level study. This will ensure that you gain the qualifications and skills that you will need to progress to your choice of higher education provider or professional employment.

Elliott Hudson College shares the same values as Cockburn School, you will study in a culture that supports students to develop their potential, one that rewards and values the habits of academic learning and one that places great importance on the benefits of a supportive and positive community. Elliott Hudson College prioritises your future progression and is constantly developing links with prestigious local and national universities and businesses, during your time at the college you will receive personalised careers guidance to ensure that you are able to make informed and competitive applications to your Post 18 destination of choice.

As well as offering outstanding academic tuition Elliott Hudson College will always seek to ensure that every student enjoys their A Level experience by being able to personalise their journey through an extensive suite of enrichment activities.  Consequently whilst our students will emerge with the very best academic qualifications they will also become young adults with a wide range of social and personal interests and an informed understanding of the importance of their role as a citizen of modern Britain.

In September 2017 Elliott Hudson College moved to a purpose built, state of the art accommodation in the White Rose Office Park. This multi-million pound facility will offer young people the opportunity to study in a truly inspirational environment and will set the standard for Post 16 facilities within this city.

See ‘applying to Elliott Hudson’ for more information and details of our open events

We expect Elliott Hudson College to be oversubscribed so please get your application in before the closing date and make sure that you are clear about the entry requirements of your chosen courses.