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The PSHCE curriculum intent

To create responsible citizens that make a positive contribution to society. We prepare all students for life after Cockburn ensuring that they have secured a POST 16 provision that is right for them. We need students to understand the dangers that exist in a modern world and ensure that they have all the information to make the right decisions during their time at Cockburn and thereafter. We aim to ensure we respond to any issues that may arise in the community or school. We create an inclusive environment that meets the needs of all students, developing students character and moral compass.

PSHCE is a non-statutory subject which encompass’ many areas of study. At Cockburn we personalise our curriculum to fit the needs of students we teach.

The PSHCE education programme aims to equip students with a sound understanding of risk and give students the knowledge and skills necessary to make safe and informed decisions.

Students are encouraged to share their opinions and ask questions to ensure that they have all the facts that will later help them make informed decisions.

In Year 7 and 8 this lesson is called PSHCE on students’ timetable. In Year’s 9 and 10 students are taught PSCHE and Religious Education through the core RP curriculum. For more information about GCSE RS please consult the RS curriculum page.

2022-23 Curriculum Overview for PSHCE/Religious Education – RP
This gives details for each year group of curriculum content, recovery knowledge/understanding that will be revisited, and assessment for each half term across the academic year.