We have vacancies for Governors and Trustees

How school governors work

School governors are the largest volunteer group in the country and are drawn from all walks of life. What governors share is a passionate belief that all children deserve to have access to effective schools.

Are you enthusiastic about education?

Do you have time to spare?

If so then you may be just the person we need

We are looking for committed people to join Cockburn Multi-academy Trust (Cockburn MAT) as Trustees and Governors across our schools.

We have a number of vacancies in the Trust and would welcome applications from people with experience in:

* Finance (Accountant, Finance Manager etc.)

* Human Resources

* Marketing

* Health and Safety (H&S officer, union rep etc.)

* Capital projects management

The Local Governing Bodies are made up of parent, staff, and co-opted governors.

The recruitment process initially requires you to complete an application form available CLICK HERE

The next stage is the completion of a skills audit, to allow the Governing Body and Trust Board to understand your skill set.

The final stage is an interview.

The Local Governing Body operate at a strategic level and are not involved in the day-to-day running of the school/academy. They are responsible for both the conduct of the school/academy and for the promotion of high standards.

They carry out this role by; ensuring that the school/academy works efficiently and effectively towards achieving the Vision, and that the school/academy provides a high quality education for its pupils. This is done by building a thorough knowledge of the school/academy and its community, by both supporting and constructively challenging the school/academy, and by ensuring accountability and compliance.

The Cockburn MAT Board Trustees have overall responsibility and ultimate decision making authority for all work of Cockburn MAT including the establishing and running of academies.

Governors and Trustees need not be experts in the field of education. What they do need is an interest in the school/academy and in the welfare of its pupils, together with the time and willingness to get involved. The skills you have can be very useful to the Trust.

Governors and Trustees also need ‘soft skills’ – the ability to be able to build relationships with a range of people, to be able to work as part of a team, to be able to question, and to make connections between different types of information.

For further information please contact Sharon Burns, Chief Operating Officer, on burnss@cockburnmat.org in the first instance.

Cockburn MAT Vision:

Our core purpose is built on high expectations and raising standards. As a Multi Academy Trust will not only make our existing collaborations more sustainable, but also secure new collaborations. As a Multi Academy Trust, our approach is based on an assimilated methodology to drive forward standards in our partner schools and improve the life chances for children by:

  • increasing participation and shared provision through partnership
  • providing clear qualitative and quantitative data to track performance in key areas
  • improving learner achievement through high quality professional development for teaching, learning

and enhanced leadership skills

  • applying non-negotiables in key aspects of practice to ensure operational consistency
  • deploying expertise strategically to provide a seamless education at each key stage

Our vision is to create a group of exceptional schools that radically improve students’ life chances.

We seek to widen their aspirations; to reach destinations that are attainable and fulfilling. We work to raise attainment and the quality of teaching and learning for all our pupils through high expectations of academic success and behaviour.

Cockburn MAT expects all employees, volunteers, governors, trustees, members and visitors to abide by the safer working practice guidance and the Trust social media policy (These documents outline standards of behaviour expected and form Cockburn MAT’s code of conduct).

CLICK HERE to view the Safer Working Practice Guidance.

CLICK HERE to view the MAT Social Media Policy.


Cockburn MAT Risk Assessment Policy:

CLICK HERE to view the Risk Assessment Policy 2021.


Cockburn MAT Funding and Policy:

CLICK HERE to view Financial Report for 2020-21.

CLICK HERE to view Financial Report for 2019-20.

CLICK HERE to view Financial Report for 2018-19.

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CLICK HERE to view the Academy and free school: master funding agreement

CLICK HERE to view the Mainstream academy and free school: supplemental funding agreement

CLICK HERE to view the Academy Articles of Association: Model One


Cockburn MAT Director Information:

For more information about our Trustees click here. 

Click here for for Register of Interests for Members and Directors of Cockburn MAT.

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Trade Union Facilities Time:

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Equality Statement:

Click Here to view the MAT Equality Statement 2021-22

Gender Pay Reporting:

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