Summer School 2021


Cockburn School’s Year 7 transition summer school took place between Monday 9th August and Friday 20th August.  This included the following activities: –

  • Transitional activities – meeting staff and familiarisation with the school environment
  • Daily English and maths lessons
  • Sport based activities
  • Arts based activities
  • A trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park
  • A in school carnival with a bouncy castle and carnival stall.

The summer school was attended by 157 students in total with 886 days of attendance in total. Students attended for either one week or both weeks. Each student was provided with: –

  • A healthy breakfast
  • Drinks and snacks during break times
  • A lunch including Subway, KFC and Pizza Hut
  • Free entry to trips
  • An English and Maths Key Stage 3 learning resource from CGP Books
  • An opportunity to win prizes such as vouchers, sweet treats and Amazon Fire tablets.


The following costs were incurred and claimed for: –

Staffing Including on Costs £35,585.08
Premises £2,500.00
Refreshments/Consumables/Prizes £6,040.12
Trips/Carnival £3,393.96
Learning Resources £1,335.00
Total £48,854.16