Child Protection

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2022-23

What happens if the school has a concern about a child ?
If any member of staff has a concern about a child they will fill in a “cause for concern” form outlining the concern. This will be passed to the Designated Member of Staff for Child Protection who, working alongside his senior colleagues, will decide what action to take. Usually this will result in a conversation with the student and home but on occasions may require a conversation with Social Care (we would always try to inform home if this was the preferred option).

What is the school’s policy in relation to the publication of images of children?
We have written to all parents/carers and it states on our website that we will use images of children as we see appropriate unless you contact the school to state that you would not like this to happen.

How the school monitors adults through the issue of DBS checks and the Single Central Register?
All members of staff and any regular visitors (once a week) must be subject to a DBS check and have their details recorded on our single central register (SCR). All staff on the SCR are allowed unaccompanied access to students. All other visitors to the school will not be allowed unattended access to students at any-time during their time on site.

How the school monitors security at the school entrance?
There is only one secure entrance to the site. All staff on the SCR will have access to school via a swipe card. All visitors to the school will be required to provide ID and then sign in and wear a visitors badge at all times whilst on site

What should you as a parent/carer do if you have concerns about a child or an adult working with children?
If you have any concerns about your child or any other child in the school we encourage you to contact us at the earliest opportunity. Your own child’s Head of Year would be a good first point of contact as they are all trained in child protection. You could also request to speak to our Police Officer (Safer Schools Officer) or call the Police directly.

What you should do if you feel you need help with any aspect of bringing up your child/children?
If you do require any help or advice please do not hesitate to contact us at school, alternatively you could contact Social Care directly.