R.E Trip to Nottingham

Year 9

Year 9 R.E Trip to Nottingham

Year 9 trip - Nottingham Galleries of Justice and City of Caves

We believe it is important for our students to experience the Crime and Punishment unit in a creative and interactive way. This is why the RE department headed to “The Galleries of Justice”. The only museum of its kind in Europe and the only venue where you can discover Nottingham’s horrible history! 


England’s history of Crime and Punishment is a shocking one. As are the sinister and grim stories of Nottingham’s own outlaws which are brought to life in the building where they were judged, imprisoned and executed. To capture and explain this grim and gruesome history, the venue used actors, guides, lighting, sounds, set dressing and exhibitions.


On our visit to Nottingham 48 year 9 Students got to head deep down into the old county jail, where Robin Hood was once cast down into the oubliette (aka the Sheriff's dungeon). They experienced the life of prisoners, often with nothing but a long treacherous journey to Australia or the hangman’s noose to look forward to.

Costumed actors throughout the tour made the students feel right at home. Students found out about the appalling conditions of the jail which led to the disgusted Victorian authorities closing its doors for good.


The museum also preserves the site of Nottinghamshire’s old Courthouse and County Jail as well as maintaining a vast collection of spine chilling artifacts relating to Crime and Punishment over the last three centuries.

Well done from Mr Nahal and Miss Lupton to all the students who attended. The behaviour was exemplary and we really enjoyed the day.

March 2012

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