7I4 History Trip

Sandal Castle, Wakefield.

Year 7 Trip to Sandal Castle


“I loved it” said Courtney Donegan, “I loved falling down the hill and climbing up the Moat again, I want to go back”.



In November 2011, 7I4 set off to Sandal Castle to see and experience exactly what a Norman Motte & Bailey Castle was like! Students were studying the Norman Conquest of Britain in 1066 and Sandal Castle provided an excellent example of just what an imposing, fearful sight this new Norman ‘technology’ was to the native Anglo-Saxons.

Now, you can look at pictures on the internet of Motte and Bailey Castles, you can look in books and read about them or you can get a packed lunch together, ask the very nice Mr Butters to drive you there and let students see exactly what a Motte & Bailey castle was like! So that is what we did.


From the car park a mile or so away students could instantly see what impact castles like this had on the local population, exactly William’s intention, to show his power! Close up, they got a feel of power from the panoramic views over the area, explored the Keep, the Bailey and the Motte to learn the key words of this structure. Egle Karpaviciute was able to look from the top of the castle Keep and explain “William built these because he could see his enemies coming from miles away”. Exactly Egle, exactly! That’s why trips out in the Humanities department are loved not just by students, but by teachers as well!


Mr Gill

Teacher of History.


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