School Uniform, PE kit and Equipment Information

Uniform and PE kit can be purchased from the main school office during school hours and holidays or online using our parent pay system for users with accounts or simply use our online shop by clicking here.
All students are expected to always maintain a high standard of personal appearance both in school, as well as to and from school. The following is school dress:

  • v-neck, navy blue knit jumper with the Cockburn embroidered school badge only available from school
  • plain white school shirt – shirts should be tucked into trousers and the top button fastened (no tailored shirts, no patterned garments, no girls’ blouses)
  • school tie correct sized knot-same as when it was bought
  • black trousers – appropriate formal school trousers (no jeans, no tracksuit bottoms, no skin tight trousers, fashion trousers or leggings and no combat trousers, no tightly tapered trousers or turn ups)
  • sensible plain black shoes (entirely black, no accessories, no boots, no stiletto heels, no shoes without backs, no trainers, no sandals, no buckles and bows)
  • plain black/dark socks to be worn


  • plain black hijab, to be worn on the head for religious purpose only and the tie must still be visible at all times
  • outer coats, hats and other unnecessary items e.g. large belts are not allowed to be worn in school and should be kept in the student’s locker.  

Other Points About School Dress

Students should avoid extremes of personal appearance.

Jewellery: only the following items may be worn

  • a watch
  • one very small set of gold/silver stud earrings in an ear piercing. These must only be worn in the ear lobe. No stretchers.
  • no other facial piercings are permitted and must be removed (as a school we advise against body piercing)

Hair and Make-up

  • extreme hair styles such as; hair dyed an unnatural colour, hair with patterned lines, symbols and letters will not be permitted
  • tie your hair up with plain small hair slides/ head bands and bobbles only
  • make-up may be worn in moderation and at the school’s discretion although, as a school, we would prefer students not to wear make-up. (fake tan, fake eyelashes, bright lipstick, shaved or painted on eyebrows are not permitted)
  • No nail varnish or false nails
  • Boys should be clean shaven


Every student must have the basic items of equipment as follows:

  •  A school handwriting pen, two pens, pencil, calculator, ruler and rubber for every lesson
  •  a bag big enough to carry their planner, calculator (HP10S bought from school), books, games kit, etc.

‘Boot bags’ and/or handbags are not suitable as school bags

Students will be given a planner and books or folders for each subject.  If they wilfully damage anything they will be expected to pay for the replacement planner/ books/ folders.  This also applies to furniture and damage to the school buildings.

Mobile ‘phones and MP3 players are to be switched off and not seen in class (or the item will be confiscated for at least 24 hours) and will only be returned after contact with a parent/carer.

Students bring these items at their own risk and the school cannot be held responsible for any loss, theft or damage to this equipment.


PE Department Information

Below is a compulsory list of what each student should have as their PE kit:

  • light blue Cockburn T-shirt (Year 7,8,9)
  • black Cockburn T-shirt (Year 10,11)
  • black Cockburn shorts
  • black football socks
  • black and blue reversible long sleeve Cockburn all weather shirt.

The reasons for the all weather shirt are as follows:

  • it will keep the students warmer in colder weather
  • it can act as a second piece of clothing over their t-shirt in the winter months
  • they are very strong which will prevent clothing from being torn in contact sports
  • the reversible nature of it makes it easier to distinguish between teams in lessons
  • they prevent bibs from being ripped in contact sports
  • they can be worn as a team top when playing against other schools.

We have studied the quality and cost from many different retailers to ensure that the kit is of a good standard and value for money. The prices of the items of clothing are as follows:

Basic PE Kit Requirement

  • Your child has one double PE lesson per week but they may also take part in extra-curricular activities, therefore a second set of kit may be needed if the first one is in the wash or dirty
  • For PE lessons students must have a pair of suitable trainers – school shoes and pumps are unacceptable in PE
  • all students must have a pair of football boots and shin pads when they have football and a pair of football boots and gum shield when they have rugby. The boots are to give them the extra grip required for turning quickly and for speed in both these sports
  • Sometimes items of clothing get misplaced or lost; this can be prevented by placing name tags or by writing students names in clothing

PE Department Policy regarding PE kit and Excuse Notes

Whilst at Cockburn we are aware that on occasions your child may be unable to take part in full practical activities, it is vital however that we adhere to the following policy:

  • any student wishing to be excused from practical activities must bring a note signed by their parent/carer
  • even when excused, they must bring their full P.E. kit appropriate to the activity; in most circumstances they will be able to adopt one of the following roles: Official, Coach, Leader, Observer, or even join a different activity group.

It must be made clear that your child will not be asked to complete tasks that could aggravate conditions or injuries, but at the same time your child can still, by bringing kit, be part of the group and undertake meaningful PE tasks. In addition it may be wholly appropriate for your child to wear kit even when observing, if the fields are muddy or wet or if they are assisting with equipment.