School Policies

This page gives brief details of our key policies and allows access to PDF files of those policies - click on the links to access the policies. (This page is currently under re-construction)

The philosophy of Cockburn is based on inclusive principles, which strive to promote equality. Equality of opportunity at our school is about providing equal access and excellence for all, in order to promote the highest possible standards of achievement. Equality of opportunity applies to all members of the school community - pupils, staff, governors, parents and community members. It is based on our core values and ethos as expressed in the School's Mission Statement. We seek to serve the local and wider community by offering children a fully inclusive, caring and educationally rich learning environment in which they can flourish and grow as individuals. We are committed to ensuring the equal treatment of all our employees, pupils, their parents/carers and any others involved in the school community and will endeavour to ensure that all are treated fairly in any procedures, practices and service delivery. We will not tolerate harassment of or discrimination against any groups or individuals within our community.

Cockburn is committed to enabling all children to achieve their full potential, academically, emotionally, physically, morally and spiritually. In particular the school recognises its responsibility under the Disability Discrimination Act, which prevents discrimination against disabled people in their access to education. The Governing Body, therefore, recognises its duty not to discriminate against disabled children in their admissions or in the provision of educational services; not to treat disabled children less favourably; to take reasonable steps to avoid putting disabled children at a substantial disadvantage; to publish an Accessibility Plan.

To inform the content of the plan, the Governing Body has sought comments from the children via the School Council, parents and the wider community via the School Newsletter and website.

To view our full Disability Equality Scheme and Plan please click here

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