The Cockburn School Council is a powerful body that is consulted on many aspects of our school and plays a vital role in our journey – ‘Transformation to Excellence’.

School Council Constitution-2018/19

Aims Of the School Council
The aim of the School council is to provide a forum for the discussion by students’ representatives of issues raised by students or staff which affect the life of the school. The school council allows views to be expressed and heard and creates a further opportunity for effective communication within the school and for appropriate actions to be taken, when necessary.

Student Elections and Representation
In September of each year, each tutor group will elect two representatives, preferably one male and one female. Form tutors will oversee elections and pass on the name of representatives to the Director of Year/Head of Year. The chosen Tutor Group Representatives will attend year team meetings (one per half term) with their HOY/DOY who will then elect two year group representatives (preferably one male and one female) overseen by the HOY/DOY. Once elected, School council members will remain in office for one year and attend one meeting each half term. The Head Boy and Head Girl; Deputy Head Boy and Head Girl and Student Ambassadors will also be represented on the School Council.

Election of Officers
All members of the School Council will be eligible for nomination and election as an officer. Elections will take place at the first meeting of the year. Officers elected will be:

  • Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

(Please note, some of these responsibilities can be shared)

Staff and Governor Representation
Meetings of the School Council will be attended by the Directors of Key Stage and a member of the Senior Leadership Team. Other members of staff may be invited to attend individual meetings to assist with the discussion of specific agenda items.

Governors may also nominate a representative to attend School Council meetings.

Communication between Council Representatives and Tutor groups
Before each year group council meeting, the tutor representatives will collect in the “suggestion” book from the form tutor. Suggestions can be made throughout the year and specifically during the week before the year group council meeting. This discussion will be lead by the tutor group representatives and the form tutor. The tutor representatives will take these discussion ideas to the Year Group council meeting and keep minutes of these meetings.

Before each School Council meeting the two year group representatives should meet with their HOY/DOY to agree the minutes from their meeting so that they can be discussed at the meeting of the full School Council.

Timing and Organisation of School Council Meetings
The School Council dates will be published at the beginning of the academic year. A meeting will take place be between the Chairperson and the Head of School at least one week before the Year Council meetings to discuss the agenda. The agenda will be published by the secretary as soon as possible after this meeting. The HOY/DOY will confirm the meeting time/place for the year group council meeting and the Directors of Key Stage will confirm the meeting time/place for the School Council meetings.

The chairperson will be expected to run the meeting to the agreed agenda. Matters brought up at the meeting that are not on the agenda may be scheduled for a future meeting at the discretion of the chair. No individuals, staff or students may be discussed in School council meetings without their permission in writing in advance.

On occasions where a member of the school council cannot attend a meeting, they should organise a suitable replacement to attend on their behalf. Minutes of the meeting should be taken by the secretary during the meeting and presented in draft to the Chairperson and Head of School for approval. Once approved, they should be distributed to the following:

  • Senior Leadership team
  • Head of Year
  • Director of Year
  • Tutor Group Representatives
  • Governor Representative
  • Chair of Governors
  • Staff Representative

Main School Council Reps 2018-19

Year 7

Mckenzie Lillywhite
Eesaa Nadeem
Kelsey McQuillan

Year 8

Ruby Sissons
Kevin Lopes
Ellie-Jo Gardner

Year 9

Mark Ormsby
Keshia-Lui Baxter
Jarmaine Muganiwa

Year 10

Taylor Morrell
Allanah Marsden
Wesley Nichols

Year 11

Natalia Podkowa
Ebony Kitchen
Erin Hughes
Kaydee Mead
Max Sage

Head Boy – Ismail Abbas
Head Girl – Lucy Tate
Deputy Head Boy – Jacky Ling
Deputy Head Girl – Sali Diallo

Roles and Responsibilities 2018-19

Chairperson – Natalia Podkowa
Secretary- Ebony Kitchen
Treasurer – Erin Hughes

Full School Council Reps 2018-19

Year 7:

7RC Eesaa Nadeem Destiny Towa Wontcheu
7HW Mckenzie Lillywhite Victoria Walczak
7AS T.Jay Taylor Kelsey McQuillan
7MES Lyra Leng Josh Cairns
7KD Patience Byaruhanga Ciaran Brummitt
7SMO Ava Fletcher Ellie Dempsey
7BB Maisy Spink Hannah Drewery
7SR Saima Mendes Ali Shabir
7RB Zainab Hussain Sarah Friend

Year 8:

8FM Delia Ion Sana Aziz
8KM Ethan Smith Ellie-Jo Gardner
8ES Anya Watkins Ruby Sissons
8MN Tyler Baker Olivia Harrison
8ME Ky Littlewood Alesha Foster
8KH Ben Adjebeng Ellis Gibbs
8RH Paul Rafferty Ujala Raza
8JWI Raquel Reis Cassie Birch
8CC Josh Knowles Zahra Mehmood
8WIH Amber-Rose Jackson Kevin Lopes

Year 9:

9STA Gloire Kidiadi Charlie Green
9EB Elliott Timblin Connor Lynch
9SK Kenzy-Jane McPherson McKenzie Taylor
9JI Ellisce Gardner Zayn Iftikhar
9MSE TJ Hall Zoe Friend
9TS Tilly Davies Sam Aspin
9HMW Mark Ormsby Caitlin Petch-Hall
9GD Jarmaine Muganiwa Ella Evans
9TP Keshia-Lui Bingham Natasha Brown

Year 10:

10NLB Jamie-Lee Carter Nathan Clark
10JB David Sinclair Mahee Talukdar
10AC Isabelle Walker Taylor Morrell
10RR Simran Sond Sonny Sweeney
10LJM Ellie-Mae Dickinson Ben Harker
10KS Andy Toukam Allanah Marsden
10TD Aksa Nawaz Ellie Lambert
10DD Wesley Nichols Reece Hales
10MS Michael Munyaladi Oskar Matysiak
10RG Finlay Wilson Chloe Walsh
10TMB Joshua Harvey Ameena Khan

Year 11:

11HC Lucy Tate Erin Hughes
11NB Max Sage Hamza Hassin
11SHH James Partridge Grace Hopkins
11JTA Lennon Ingham Kaydee Mead
11LF Cody Armitage Logan Naylor
11MG Tapi Mukudu Beth Steele
11KHA Ebony Kitchen Sali Diallo
11PR Shannon Dixon Ellie Paton
11LJD Jacky Ling Martin Javier
11RMJ Rease Caywood Ellie Grindell
11KGW Jack Cahill Jacob Hemingway