R.E Pupil Survey Report

Pupil's speak, R.E Listens

R.E Pupil Survey Report

RE Pupil Voice

Cockburn pupils speak; the RE department listens...


In order to make lessons even more enjoyable, every pupil across KS3 took part in a survey in December. The purpose of this was to find out what pupils like about RE, what they didn’t like and how they thought the subject could be improved.


It was revealed that 65% of pupils at Cockburn enjoy their RE lessons at least most, if not all, of the time.


In addition, 81% of pupils believe that they are challenged and made to work hard in their RE lessons.


85% of pupils like the classroom that they are taught in.


Finally, 87% of pupils know their target level and they are confident that they know what to do to improve their work and their levels.


The results were very interesting and will help to move the department forward and improve teaching and learning. Pupils were asked what they thought could be improved in RE at Cockburn.

The majority of pupils said that they would like to see more trips take place. This has been considered and a year 9 trip is taking place on the 7th March to the “Galleries of Justice” in Nottingham, which will link in with their current topic on “Crime and Punishment”.

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