Events Diary

Important dates for 2014-15

Events Diary

Dates for Professional Development Days 2014-15

(the school will be closed to students)

PDD1: Friday 24th October 2014
PDD2: Monday 3rd November 2014
PDD3: Thursday 2nd April 2015
PDD4: Date to be confirmed
PDD5: Date to be confirmed

Subject Surgeries 2014-15:
This will be an opportunity to meet Subject Teachers and discuss student progress
(School will close for all students at 2.30pm on these days) 

Year 11                  
Tuesday 14th October 2014
Wednesday 11th February 2015

Year 10
Wednesday 19th November 2014
Tuesday 31st March 2015

Year 9
Wednesday 25th February 2015

Year 8
Tuesday 3rd March 2015

Year 7
Wednesday 1st July 2015

Student Review Days 2014-15:
This will be an opportunity to meet Form Tutors and discuss student progress.

Year 7
Wednesday 3rd December 2014


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