BAE Systems Visit Cockburn

Year 7

BAE Visit Cockburn

On Monday 20th February a company called BAE systems came in to present a show to the whole of year 7 and to run several workshops. BAE systems are a defence, security and aerospace company and are currently involved in projects such as the Eurofighter and the Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carriers. The purpose of the visit was to show pupils the importance of STEM subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, and to provide information about what potential careers these subjects may lead to.

During the show pupils got to see various inventions that had been developed through the applications of the above subjects; such as Infra red cameras, invisibility jackets, unmanned air drones and self landing helicopters!

After the show 7A1 and 7A2 were involved in technology workshops where they had to work in teams and program a robot to navigate a maze.

The event was really exciting and pupils went away with a much greater understanding of STEM and the impact of these subjects in today's world. They also realised different careers these subjects can lead to.

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